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I have made a submit button with a background image containing text , All this works when no text is placed under the background image , if certain text is placed below the background image , that region will become unclickable where as the rest region becomes clickabe and this occurs only in IE , no problem in firefox.

The code i have used is as follows

html is as follows:

<div id='con1l'>
 <input type='submit' name='loginbtn' value='Login'   />
 <font class='move'>   Login  </font>   </div> (text to be place when image is disabled in browser)

css is as follows

#con1l input
background : url("../images/button1.png") no-repeat center center;
border : none;
color : transparent;
overflow: hidden;
text-indent: -999px;
font-size: 0;
line-height: 0;

font-family:Arial ;
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could you try to use label instead? <label class='move'> Login </label> caz the <font> element is deprecated in HTML 4.01. – zaw May 29 '12 at 5:45
No <label class='move'> Login </label> results in the same thing – Abida May 29 '12 at 5:50

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