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I have been trying to put an image with a hyperlink on it into a google apps script ui. I first thought of using createAnchor(), but that only allows text. Then I thought of using a button, but as far as I know you cannot open a new tab/window and redirect in a callback function.

I also tried createHTML(), but the element is not handled by it as yet.

I have seen people overlay transparent buttons over images, but still have same issue in callback.

My research has not found an answer to this. Does anyone have any solutions/examples?


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This worked for me on Chrome20 and IE9

      // Container for box and results
      var imageContainer = app.createFlexTable();

      // Setup the button
      var button = app.createButton("ImageButton");
      button.setStyleAttribute("background", "url(dontshowimagehere.JPG) no-repeat");
      button.setStyleAttribute("position", "absolute");
      button.setStyleAttribute("color", "transparent");
      button.setStyleAttribute("border", "0px solid black");

      imageContainer.setWidget(0, 0, button);

      // image to click
      var image = app.createImage("image.jpg").setId(imageId);

      imageContainer.setWidget(1,0, image);                    

The image has a slight (3px) offset. If important, this looks to fix it (use relative for the flex table and top etc for the image and button)

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Did you try a transparent Anchor overlaying the image?

function doGet() {
var app = UiApp.createApplication().setTitle("Image Anchor");
var panel = app.createAbsolutePanel().setWidth('50%').setHeight('50%');
var image = app.createImage().setUrl("").setStyleAttribute("width", "28px").setStyleAttribute("height", "28px");
var anchor = app.createAnchor("?", "").setHeight("28px").setWidth("28px").setStyleAttribute("opacity", "0.1").setTarget("blank");
return app.close();
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app.createAbsolutePanel() .add(app.createImage('')) .add(app.createAnchor('','') .setStyleAttributes({position:'absolute',top:'0px',left:'0px',width:'201px',height:'47px',opacity:'0'}))

This is a tested one. It works fine. It doesn't work with positioning the image (as 'absolute'). It doesn't work with .setHorizontalAlignment(UiApp.HorizontalAlignment.CENTER)

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I don't believe this is possible with the widgets available. I would suggest altering your UI's design to utilize an Anchor widget instead.

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Use HTML Box if you are coding directly on your page. Click "Edit" to edit your page and go to "Insert>HTML Box" in your menu. It will accept javascript too! There are a few caveats - when using javascript, HTML Box will not accept links...too bad, but too many exploits there.

If you are coding in apps script, you could try to place the image on a panel and use absolute panel and position your link over your image. Another method could be to use the .setStyleAttribute for CSS styling and utilize the zIndex parameter to place a panel over top of your so:

var panel = app.createSimplePanel();
// add your image to the simple panel or whatever panel you wish to choose in your GUI

var popPanel = app.createSimplePanel()
// add your anchor to the popPanel


Not 100% sure if you can make this panel transparent, but you could try something like: .setStyleAttribute('background',transparent') or change the opacity via: .setStyleAttribute('opacity','.5')

Hopes this gives you a few ideas!

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I managed to do it with a single Anchor object and using CSS3. It works on Chrome, I did not test it in other Browsers.

gui.createAnchor("", false, "$DESTINATION_URL$")
   .setStyleAttributes({ "display":"block",
                         "background-size":"100% 100%",
                         "background-repeat":"no-repeat" })

Of course you have to replace the $......$ with your data.


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if you first create all your html in a string ... you can then replace the content of a page with the html you want (any html...) like this:

var myString='the html you want to add, for example you image link and button';
var page = SitesApp.getSite('', 'mysite').getChildByName('targetpage');
var upage = page.setHtmlContent('<div>'+myString +'</div>');  

hopes this helps,



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The HTML widget doesn't support links or images. –  Eric Koleda May 30 '12 at 16:36
button.setStyleAttribute("background", "url(image.JPG) no-repeat"); works on chrome, but does not show on IE. But even with this issue, it does get past the click problem of transparent IE buttons. –  eddyparkinson Jul 9 '12 at 3:00

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