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I am facing this problem on my site Mage registry key "_singleton/core/resource" already exists, Please help me how to solve this error.

I have checked the folder and file permission
changed the lib/Zend/Cache/Backend/File.php as 'cache_dir' => null, to 'cache_dir' => 'tmp', Changes in the index.php commented the line


After doing these changes it was working well and today it stops again and displaying the same problem

I have tried each and every way but not get the success.

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It is very important to clear the Compiler cache and after that turn it on in backend of Magento.

Clear the cache

SSH: find ./var/cache -type f -delete FTP: mrm -r ./var/cache ; mkdir ./var/cache

Disable/Clear Magento compilation

SSH: php -f shell/compiler.php -- disable php -f shell/compiler.php -- clear FTP: mv ./includes ./includes.unused

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Put this file in your Magento root folder ie: clear-cache.php and execute it through terminal.

php /home/magento/www/clear-cache.php

This will clear all cache and rebuild all indexes.

Fixed the issue you described in Magento Enterprise 1.11.2 when I could not load any page or get into admin and deleting /var/cache did not fix the issue.

// Include Magento
require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/app/Mage.php';
// Set user admin session
$userModel = Mage::getModel('admin/user');
// Call Magento clean cache action
// Enable all cache types
$enable = array();
foreach(Mage::helper('core')->getCacheTypes() as $type => $label){
    $enable[$type] = 1;
// Refresh cache's
echo 'Refreshing cache...';
try {
    echo 'Catalog Rewrites was refreshed successfully';
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
    echo 'Error in Catalog Rewrites: '.$e->getMessage();
// This one caused an error for me - you can try enable it
/*try {
    echo 'Catalog Index was rebuilt successfully';
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
    echo 'Error in Catalog Index: '.$e->getMessage();
try {
    $flag = Mage::getModel('catalogindex/catalog_index_flag')->loadSelf();
    if ( $flag->getState() == Mage_CatalogIndex_Model_Catalog_Index_Flag::STATE_RUNNING ) {
        $kill = Mage::getModel('catalogindex/catalog_index_kill_flag')->loadSelf();
    echo 'Layered Navigation Indices was refreshed successfully';
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
    echo 'Error in Layered Navigation Indices: '.$e->getMessage();
try {
    echo 'Image cache was cleared successfully';
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
    echo 'Error in Image cache: '.$e->getMessage();
try {
    echo 'Search Index was rebuilded successfully';
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
    echo 'Error in Search Index: '.$e->getMessage();
try {
    echo 'CatalogInventory Stock Status was rebuilded successfully';
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
    echo 'Error in CatalogInventory Stock Status: '.$e->getMessage();
try {
    echo 'Flat Catalog Category was rebuilt successfully';
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
    echo 'Error in Flat Catalog Category: '.$e->getMessage();
try {
    echo 'Flat Catalog Product was rebuilt successfully';
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
    echo 'Error in Flat Catalog Product: '.$e->getMessage();
echo 'Cache cleared';
// Rebuild indexes
echo 'Rebuilding indexes';
for ($i = 1; $i <= 9; $i++) {
    $process = Mage::getModel('index/process')->load($i);
    try {
    } catch ( Exception $e ) {
        echo 'Error rebuilding index '.$i.': '.$e->getMessage();
echo 'Indexes rebuilt';
echo 'Finished!';
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Awesome! worked well for me. Thanks! –  Roy Toledo Oct 15 at 11:57
@tmarsh1 (via suggested edit): Welcome to Stack Overflow. Once you have sufficient reputation, you can comment on any post. Please do not suggest edits to leave comments. –  Pokechu22 Dec 15 at 3:21

I stumbled upon this problem before, and this was because of the cache. if you could still access the Magento Admin panel, go and flush your Cache Storage (the two main buttons near the top of the System -> Cache Management page).

You can also refer to this blog post for more help on the cache problem:


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