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I wish to force my Listview to show a minimum number of rows.

In other words, if there are only 3 rows in the data I still want to show 8 rows on the screen. I will ensure in getView that the correct data is returned for the empty rows.

I tried overriding getCount()

    public int getCount() {
    return Math.min(NUM_OF_ITEMS_DISPLAYED,SearchableListScreen.this._results.size());

But when I put "Log" entries into my getView I see that it only gets called for the rows that originally exist in my data and now for the extra rows. Is there any way to do it other than actually adding dummy rows to my data?

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Blah. Just noticed my mistake. Should be Math.max!!!!! – theblitz May 29 '12 at 6:34

always have atleast 8 entries in your List or Array of entries which you use to populate the ListView with. That way you'll have at least 8 rows.

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