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  • cd /etc/php5
  • apache2/php.ini and cli/php.ini are identical
  • apache2/conf.d/mongo.ini and cli/conf.d/mongo.ini are identical

The mongo extension doesn't get loaded when I try to execute the script via command line (I get a class not found error). Works perfectly through apache.

Any ideas? (I wrote this tiny script to check):

    echo class_exists('Mongo') ? "Mongo class found" : "Mongo class not found" . PHP_EOL;

When this file is hit through apache, it echoes affirmative, negative via CLI.

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You are most likely using the wrong php file then. Use php --ini to see which ones it loads. You can also set the php.ini settings display_errors=1 and display_startup_errors=1 to see what a reason for it not being loaded could be.

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You are right! php --ini showed that cli loaded a different php.ini Adding to that php.ini will make mongo work under cli. Thanks! – Melsi Sep 16 '13 at 8:30

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