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Is there anyway to update company status of linked in company pages via API call using PHP,

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There is no way to create what LinkedIn refers to as a 'share' for a company at this point. Here is a post on their forums relating to this.

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This is a very quick guide. Take a look at my decision using the LinkedIn API. Have in mind that before doing that:

  1. you must have a personal profile in LinkedIn;
  2. your company must have a company page in LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/company/yourcompanyname);
  3. you must be an administrator of your company page (in order to publish updates on behalf of your company).

When the above conditions are met go to https://www.linkedin.com/secure/developer and sign in with your personal profile credentials. Add a new application in order to get API Key, Secret Key, OAuth User Token and OAuth User Secret.

PHP code for LinkedIn API on your side to post company shares:

require 'OAuth.php'; // .. or install the PECL extension.. Google it

$apiKey = 'xxxxxxx'; // take it from your application
$apiSecret = 'yyyyyyyyy'; // take it from your application
$accessToken = 'zzzzzzzzz'; // take it from your application
$accessToken = 'kkkkkkkkkkk'; // take it from your application
$oauth = new OAuth($apiKey, $apiSecret);
$oauth->setToken($accessToken, $accessTokenSecret);

$body = new stdClass();
$body->comment = 'Some comment';
$body->content = new stdClass();
$body->content->title = 'Some title';
$body->content->description = 'Some description';
$body->content->{'submitted-url'} = 'http://www.mycompany.com/article_id/123456'; // ID of your company page in LinkedIn
$body->visibility = new stdClass();
$body->visibility->code = 'anyone';
$body_json = json_encode($body);

$oauth->fetch('http://api.linkedin.com/v1/companies/12345678/shares', $body_json, OAUTH_HTTP_METHOD_POST, array(
  "Content-Type" => "application/json",
  "x-li-format" => "json"
$response = json_decode($oauth->getLastResponse());

I hope it helps.

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As of August 2013, LinkedIn's API supports sharing to company pages.


Official documentation.

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please go through these APIs

LinkedIn API

php library for these APIs

Php Linked in API implementation

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