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i have following code

List<TimeZoneInfo> timeZoneList = new List<TimeZoneInfo>(TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones());
timeZoneList.Sort((item1, item2) => { return string.Compare(item2.Id, item1.Id); });

but it does not sort the list correctly. (using linq.OrderBy() yields same result).
but the following code sorts correctly.

List<string> timeZoneList1 = new List<string>();
foreach (TimeZoneInfo timeZoneInfo in TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones())
timeZoneList1.Sort((item1, item2) => { return string.Compare(item1, item2); });

what is the problem? what do i missing?

no one knows the answer?

--------------------------- EDIT ------------------------------------
where as i assign the list to a Combobox, it will appears in the wrong order but it will be fixed when i set the DisplayMember of the Combobox. can any one explain this behavior?

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You have swapped the order of item1 and item2 in your comparison functions.

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i don't thing so. please add the code and see the result. so what`s the solution? –  Rzassar May 29 '12 at 10:02

In your first example you have the following line:

timeZoneList.Sort((item1, item2) => { return string.Compare(item2.Id, item1.Id); });

Should this not be:

timeZoneList.Sort((item1, item2) => { return string.Compare(item1.Id, item2.Id); });

You have the item IDs in the string.Compare method the wrong way around in your first example. In your second example they're the correct way around, which is why that sorts correctly.

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at least it should orders the list reversed, mean while it orders the list completely hashed. (please read the edited question) –  Rzassar Jun 5 '12 at 8:32

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