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I have installed CruiseControl.NET and created project with 3 tasks on taskList in nAnt. But when I run project to process on CruiseControl.NET I see only that:

Executing Nant :BuildFile: ..\project.build Targets: compile, test, docu

And my project is processing and processing ages and does not stop. And I can not figure out if it is in compile, test or docu. Is there any way to see or set project so that I can see what is current processing?

I mean that I would like to see if currently it is doing compile, test or docu.

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Use NAnt CCNet Listener plugin so that CruiseControl.Net will print project output while it is building.

Unfortunately, normal reports that CruiseControl.Net produces for NAnt may not show anything when the build times out - but using the plugin, the build output will be visible in the web dashboard and with CCTray.

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While it doesn't display as it is building, once it has finished the 'NAnt Build Timing Report' will show exactly how long each target took.

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