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I am using fortran 11.0.035 compiler version on visual studio 2005. Please check the following code is giving wrong result for me. I am not getting the problem.

IF(IOCHK.NE.0)THEN  //this conditioin is true
cscl    begin pipewrite
cscl  PRINT 479,IOCHK
4791    Buffer=' '

Above code in cludeds piping concept in client server programming, above code is from server side. client should give some information to the client but it is not sending information. So I am getting buffer data as empty.

for what IOCHK will be used? why i am unable to execute the above code successfully.

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IOCHK = I/O Channel Check, it's the interface for I/O error handling/detecting. In FORTRAN it's (likely to be) the I/O check switch. If it is set then some IO error occured.

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