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I have a query in MS Access that in where clause I have:

WHERE (((tb_KonzeptFunktionen.Konzept)=[Formulare]![frm_Fahrzeug]![ID]));

It takes long time to run, but when I delete this where clause the query runs less than a second.

Can I say that pass the [Formulare]![frm_Fahrzeug]![ID] as a parameter does not efficient? Or looking up the control value is slowing it down? If yes how can I solve this problem?

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The db engine should retrieve the control's value almost instantaneously. If that WHERE condition slows down your query significantly, it is more likely due to extra work the db engine must perform to retrieve the matching rows. You can check this assumption by temporarily substituting a static known value in place of the control's value.

WHERE tb_KonzeptFunktionen.Konzept=1;

If the version with the static value is equally slow, create an index on tb_KonzeptFunktionen.Konzept and try again.

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thank you for your answer ,Konzept has an Index and when I write this WHERE tb_KonzeptFunktionen.Konzept=1; instead of WHERE (((tb_KonzeptFunktionen.Konzept)=[Formulare]![frm_Fahrzeug]![ID])); it is faster –  Baper May 29 '12 at 8:01
Sorry for my bad english,I meant if I put 1 it is faster than before –  Baper May 29 '12 at 8:16
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