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I am creating a database user interface for a client's website. I know I could simply use phpMyAdmin, but it is too complex for my client. Instead, I though I could give some of the PEAR Packages a try. After doing some research and following tutorials I decided to go with the Structures_DataGrid package. I am currently following sitepoint.com's book, 'The PHP Anthology'. It contains some great tutorials.


First of all, I had some difficulty installing the packages so I ended up downloading them from the PEAR website and inserting them int he server via FTP. After all that was setup, I followed the book's instructions to the last semicolon. But i get this error: Unknown DataSource driver. Please specify an existing driver. I have no idea where this error is coming from or why.



    // Include PEAR::Structures_DataGrid

    $datagrid = new Structures_DataGrid(2);
    $options = array('dsn' => 'mysql://$user:$passwords@$db_host/$db_name');
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM Users";
    $bind = $datagrid->bind($sql, $options);
    if (PEAR::isError($bind))	{
    	print('DataGrid Error: '. $bind->getMessage());
    	$gridsource = '';
    } else {

    	// Define our Column labels, using a 'column' => 'Label' format
    	$columns = array(
    		'id' => 'Id',
    		'status' => 'Status',
    		'last_login' => 'Last Login',
    		'startDate' => 'Start Date',
    		'fname' => 'First Name',
    		'lname' => 'Last Name',
    		'email' => 'Email',
    		'cName' => 'Company',
    		'cEmail' => 'Company Email',
    		'cCity' => 'City',
    		'cProvince' => 'Province',
    		'ctr' => 'Country',
    		'cSite' => 'Website'			

    	// Some more options, for our renderer
    	$renderer_options = array(
    		'sortIconASC' => '&uArr;',
    		'sortIconDESC' => '&dArr;',
    		'headerAttributes' => array('bgcolor' => '#E3E3E3'),
    		'evenRowAttributes' => array('bgcolor' => '#A6A6A6'),

    	// Add some final attributes to our table
    	$renderer = $datagrid->getRenderer();
    	$renderer->setTableAttribute('cellspacing', 0);
    	$renderer->setTableAttribute('cellpadding', 5);
    	$renderer->setTableAttribute('border', 1);

    	// Render the table, be sure to check for errors 
    	$gridbody = $datagrid->getOutput();
    	if (PEAR::isError($gridbody)) {
    		print('DataGrid render error: ' . $gridbody->getMessage());
    		$gridbody = '';

    	// Finally, render the pager, again checking for errors
    	$gridpager = $datagrid->getOutput(DATAGRID_RENDER_PAGER);
    	if (PEAR::isError($gridpager)) {
    		print('DataGrid render error: ' . $gridpager->getMessage());
    		$gridpager = '';
    	$gridsource = $gridbody . $gridpager;



All of my database credentials are correct. I am trying to connect to a MySQL database on a Unix server. I am sure I have all the required packages. I do not think that the error is here in the code. Rather it is an issue with the driver not being enabled or something like that.


Well, I am not sure what my question is because I am not sure what my problem is. I could ask things like 'How do I specify a driver?', 'How do I enable/activate/include a driver?' or 'Has anybody had to dealt with these issues before, and what did you do?'

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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I really do not have an answer, just an update.

I uninstalled everything and cleaned out the PHP directory on my server. I then downloaded the go-pear.php script and reinstalled everything.

Now everything works fine! Yay!

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