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I want to call the help:effective-pom mojo directly from java/scala.

Is there a minimal example how to setup the maven-runtime and call the mojo?

I assume some context is needed before calling the stuff as supposed in the answer to this question:

Reading POM's with its children


Specifically, the effective-pom mojo writes some ugly prefix and suffix to the xml which is not needed and I want to work directly on the xml later on.

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Hm. If i check the contents it has no garbage. The output will result into a single file. If you like to read the pom you should take a look at aether lib, but the problem is that can read the pom with it but you would like execute a mojo instead which needs to build a Maven environment around which is very complex. Take a look here to get an impression how it could look like.

After some time I found this which looks more the thing you like to use.

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That involves invoking a second JVM which will slow down things heavily. I have not only one file to parse but a big bunch of them. Further more, the output file contains garbage and possibly multiple files. Question is how to invoke it directly from a java program, without starting a new process. – Bastl May 31 '12 at 7:37
Update my answer accordingly. – khmarbaise May 31 '12 at 9:11

Use Maven Embedder/MavenCli

Java code

MavenCli cli = new MavenCli();
cli.doMain(new String[]{"help:effective-pom"}, "project_dir", System.out, System.out);

Project configuration

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