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I'm trying to add a task to non-default queue "slowQueue" using:

taskqueue.Queue('slowQueue').add(url='/worker/slow', params={'name': name})

I receive the error "TypeError: add() got an unexpected keyword argument 'url'"

How do you add a task to a non-default queue in google app engine?

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You suppose to add task(s) when calling Queue.add()

q = taskqueue.Queue('slowQueue') 
task = taskqueue.Task(url='/worker/slow', params={'name': name})
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Your response time is awesome. Thank you. – Andrew May 29 '12 at 7:59

Alternatively (to Shay's answer), if you prefer a shorter but less object oriented style:

taskqueue.add(queue_name='slowQueue', url='/worker/slow', params={'name': name})
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