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How does the font-size medium/small/large work in css? If the css has a font-size:11px, then what is the font-size:medium for other elements, does it depend on the font size, or is it unrelated to font size?

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I believe it's based on the user's preferred font size in their browser, which is probably set to 11 or 12.

See here too for more info Does the CSS 'font-size: medium' set font to .Body font size or to the *browser*'s base font size?

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From the specification:

An <absolute-size> keyword is an index to a table of font sizes computed and kept by the UA.


The 'medium' value is the user's preferred font size and is used as the reference middle value.

So it doesn't depend on the body font-size.

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The font-size in body is the font-size for your entire site, if I understand your question correctly.

You can easily set a different font-size for other elements, classes or ID's

p { 
  font-size: medium;

h1 {
  font-size: large;

#leftBox { 
   font-size: 12px; 

Although I would never use a static value. I always use a px value.

More info: http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_font_font-size.asp

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Use em in your css. You must set the body's font-size using px then all the containing elements should have font-size setted using em.

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