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I have a thread pool made with boost::asio::io_service from recipe like this. I wonder how to interrupt posted into it tasks (not killing threads), so that they would be replaced with next tasks in pool?

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Callbacks in boost::asio in general should be reasonably fast. They should just do some work, schedule another one and finish. This will be the points, where task looses CPU and other task will be taken into execution.

There are boost::thread::interrupt() and boost::thread_group::interrupt_all(), but they could stop execution thread only at interruption points. The interruption will be seen as exception boost::thread_interrupted. This means, that you have to handle exception somehow and in your case - release current task. It is much more complicated, than just doing one step of processing and scheduling handler for the rest.

Moreover, you could play with interrupt() and interrupt_all() in threads which do execute your own routine, while this is not the case for threads running io_service::run(). One can imagine, that boost::thread_interrupted is being thrown inside run() method, instead of async handler, which could end with unexpected behavior.

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