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I have a pair of tables in an Oracle database with a one-to-one parent-child relationship. Unfortunately the foreign key is defined in the parent, not the child:

-----------------        -----------------        
| messages      |        | payloads      |
-----------------        -----------------
| id            |        | id            |
| payload_id    |------->| content       |
| creation_date |        -----------------

The relationship from messages.payload_id to payloads.id is enforced by a non-deferrable foreign key.

We have a query that deletes all messages and payloads where message creation date is after a certain time. Unfortunately, due to the backwards foreign key, the current query looks like this:

DELETE FROM messages WHERE creation_date < deletion_date;
DELETE FROM payloads WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT payload_id FROM messages);

The second nasty delete statement is the problem, as it takes more than an hour when we have ~50 million records in each table.

Is there a better way to delete all messages and payloads?

Note that unfortunately the schema is beyond our control...

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What is exactly is backwards? The diagram looks like "messages" has a "payload_id references payloads.id" which seems fine... – Thilo May 29 '12 at 9:14
I guess "backwards" is the wrong word - the payload belongs to the message, and with creation_date on the message this means that payloads can't be deleted before messages, making the whole thing awkward... – Dan Vinton May 29 '12 at 10:07
Seems like a good case for ON DELETE CASCADE. But as you say, you cannot change the schema. – Thilo May 29 '12 at 10:08
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You could log the id's that you're going to delete into a global temporary table and then issue the deletes, optimising the delete from "messages" by storing the rowid as well

insert into my_temp_table (messages_rowid, payload_id)
select rowid, payload_id
from   messages
where  creation_date < deletion_date;

delete from messages
where  rowid in (select messages_rowid from my_temp_table);

delete from payload
where  id in (select payload_id from my_temnp_table);

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How about

  ( SELECT payload_id FROM messages WHERE creation_date < deletion_date)

This needs to run before deleting from messages, of course.

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Tried this: unfortunately this breaks the foreign key from payload_id in messages... – Dan Vinton May 29 '12 at 9:39

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