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I have user model with use of devise gem, I dont have attr_accessible for any fields still I get the error:

Can't mass-assign protected attributes

My User class as below

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  devise :database_authenticatable, :registerable,
         :recoverable, :rememberable, :trackable, 
         :token_authenticatable  #, :validatable
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I also have the same problem, maybe devise does something with attr_accessible. You need to set up attr_accessible in your model to make it work.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  devise :database_authenticatable, :registerable,
:recoverable, :rememberable, :trackable, :token_authenticatable #, :validatable`

  # Setup accessible (or protected) attributes for your model
  attr_accessible :first_name, :last_name, :email, :password, :password_confirmation

You can checkout these railscasts episodes.



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I have added the line in the user model attr_accessible :email, :password, :password_confirmation, :first_name, :last_name Still i get the same error, but once i do false to config.active_record.whitelist_attributes in application.rb and by removing attr_accessible line in the user model then only it works – chirag.sweng May 29 '12 at 9:27
Check the error again. Does the error message has changed or the same? Maybe you have more attributes when doing mass-assignment. – Chamnap May 29 '12 at 9:29
I have below list of params when it submits form {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"Q4R+ytentT8YlYMslUfkY9Ehq43+9xKvc8cF4vGsJNM=", "user"=>{"first_name"=>"", "last_name"=>"", "email"=>"", "password"=>"[FILTERED]", "password_confirmation"=>"[FILTERED]"}, "_save"=>"Save"} And my attr_accessible in user model as attr_accessible :email, :password, :password_confirmation, :first_name, :last_name, – chirag.sweng May 29 '12 at 9:33
How about trying in a console? Does it work? – Chamnap May 29 '12 at 9:42
Yes gets the same issue when i tried on the console, but now if i set attr_protected instead of attr_accessible then it works for me – chirag.sweng May 29 '12 at 9:49

If I have put the attr_protected instead of the attr_accessible then it works for me.
FYI, I am using Rails 3.2.3 with Ruby 1.9.3

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It's an answer although it doesnt explain anything. let me do it for you: In rails 3+ mass assignment is automaticly protected (config in environment.rb files) therefor you must either whitelist wanted properties or blacklist unwanted properties by using attr_protected OR attr_accessible there you go :) – dennis May 29 '12 at 15:51

Since Rails 3.2.3, config.active_record.whitelist_attributes in config/application.rb is true by default. You must manually set attr_accessible for attributes that needs to be mass-assignable (or you can set whitelist_attributes to false to disable this behavior).

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Thanks for your answer.. it works if i set to config.active_record.whitelist_attributes = false But if i set attr_accessible :email, :password, :password_confirmation, :first_name, :last_name then it throws same error – chirag.sweng May 29 '12 at 9:23

I set only attr_accessible :name, :password, :password_confirmation and it is working, without set config.active_record.whitelist_attributes = false in config\application.rb Only check for correct names of vars from _form.html.erb in the attr_accessible.

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