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I have a performance issue using Symfony2 Form Component, I'm using this component to create a form which contains 300 checkbox(s). This form must be flexible (The checkbox(s) should be created on a SET_DATA event using a given data tree. I'm also using Subscribers to make my form flexible.

The problem:

  • The form generation took an average of 900 ms (which is a substantial amount of time given the input size)
  • Binding my form took much more time (an average of 1sec)


  • The propertyPathMapper is taking too much time to create paths and look for the right one to get error messages on validation.

My Question:

  • In the case of the PropertyPath issue, do you know how to fix it? If it's not, any ideas on how to optimize my form?

Our Code:

I created a github Gist > https://gist.github.com/2867617

  • data.array is the data format we are using to generate our search form. (the tree can have many sub levels & is created from our database)
  • SearchType.php is our main Search Type
  • The other classes we are using are helping us to iterate on and generate all the search criteria elements.

PS: We are using the 2.0.15 version of Symfony2 ,


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  • You can solve first problem by caching the generated form html with Memcache. Remember to invalidate the cache index after saving the form.
  • With the second problem Use a profiler to check what is taking so long, it may be Doctrine hydration issue.
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