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I'm using yaml. It has a line says : daemonize : /var/www/apps/myapp.log

If uwsgi -y vassals/myappconfig.yaml, the website runs in background. I can do other things in terminal, even logout. This is the effect I'm expecting.

If uwsgi --emperor vassals, the website can run, but it stuck up in terminal. I must use ctrl + c to end it to return to terminal. Then the website is down. That's not what I'm expecting.

I don't want to use things like nohup. If uwsgi --emperor is not the right solution, I'd rather to load websites one by one, all run daemonized.

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you can pass --daemonize <logfile> to the emperor too

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yes, I should have tried that... – hbrls May 29 '12 at 10:22

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