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I try to user the onFlush Event in Doctrine to persist a new entity, but it leads to an infinite loop when trying to persist. Here is what I do in the Listener:

$countusers = $em->getRepository('DankeForumBundle:NotificationUser')->countNotificationsByDeal($entity);
if ($countusers > 0) {
  $notification = new NotificationAction();
  $notification->setDatepost(new \DateTime());
  // $em is set to EntityManager
  // $uow ist set to UnitOfWork
  $uow->computeChangeSet($em->getClassmetadata('Danke\ForumBundle\Entity\NotificationAction'), $notification);

I know that I would get a loop, when I was flushing in the onFlush Event, but I don't do that! I only compute the new change set as it says in the documentation.

Can someone tell where the problem is?

EDIT: It maybe interesting, that I am sure it worked some days ago, but I can't remember changing anything (which I know can't be true ;) )...

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Happens to me too, but can't figure out why... I hope someone here can help us –  mokagio Jun 25 '12 at 13:35
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1 Answer

I had similar issues with onFlush Event. Please change




Please try this and let me know if this is working now.

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