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I'm working on automatic construction of ontologies from program's source code. To make things easier, I'm only interested on functions name and functions calls, in C code source. So my concepts are functions name and indeed, relations between those concepts are function call.

That means, within a simple Haskell script I can retreive by parsing, all functions name and calls.

Now Here is my question, Is there any simple, and efficient haskell package for easely transform a simple list of concepts [String] in a well designed RDF file ?

Thanks for any reply !

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Could you add example input and output? –  phg May 29 '12 at 10:15

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Out of my depth here, but Graham Klyne and others created a package called Swish which include RDF output capabilities.

It doesn't include RDF/XML output, but does include N-Triples and Turtle support, which are typically sufficient for interoperability.

(If you care about RDF/XML you can always convert using rapper or jena command line tools)

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