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I would like to create an button like the one in maps.app, which can center the map on the current GPS location. I find the same question here. After I setting the GPS icon image as the image of GPS button, there is apparent sawtooth on the edges of the icon. Is there any other approach to get a good looking GPS icon? Thanks in advance!

GPS Icon

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maybe you should try to read the ios document below first: The Retina display allows you to display high-resolution versions of your art and icons. If you merely scale up your existing artwork, you miss out on the opportunity to provide the beautiful, captivating images users expect.

  1. Scale up your original artwork to 200%
  2. Add detail and depth.
  3. Consider softening scaled-up elements.
  4. Consider adding blur for better results in effects such as engravings and drop shadows.

if you want an image named 30x30.png with a size of 30x30px, then you should create an image named 30x30@2x.png with a size of 60x60px. this is a same question.

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