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Hi I have the following re which works fine:

re.sub("(?P<colon>(, )\s*|^)(?P<field>[A-Za-z]*)", "\\g<colon>`\\g<field>`", fields

however I would like to do this (capture the inner group):

re.sub("((?P<colon>, )\s*|^)(?P<field>[A-Za-z]*)", "\\g<colon>`\\g<field>`", fields

however if I try to reference the group wich is in a group (for instance the group holding only g in this:r(e(g)e)x) I get an unmatched group error/exception.

so how do I reference nested capture groups or is it not possible with jython (approx python 2.5.1)

edit:fixed according to answer from Qtax (A-z => A-Za-z) however my real problem is not solved yet

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All these groups capture, some of them are just not named. You should be able to reference any capturing group, altho I don't know python/jython regex specs by heart. Try an expression like:

re.sub("(?:(, )\s*|^)([A-Za-z]*)", r"\1`\2`", ...)

You cannot use [A-z] if you mean A-Z and a-z, that can be written [A-Za-z] or used with some case insensitive flag, eg (?i)[a-z].

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Would you mind elaborating on why I can't use [A-z], since for the moment it shows the expected behaviour. I tried with the numbering as you suggested, however that yielded the error, thus I tried named subgroups. I also tired the non capturing part (?:) before but that did not help either. –  ted May 29 '12 at 12:41
@ted, [A-z] means any character in the ASCII table that is between and including A and z. This includes more than just the letters, see any ASCII table. –  Qtax May 29 '12 at 12:48

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