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I got a custom Backbone.Collection class in Coffeescript.

I named it (it is responsible for pagination):

class SI.PaginatedCollection extends Backbone.Collection

I want to write Jasmine spec which will test do I extends that particular class.

Sorry for my English, I now it is probably horrible. ;)

PS I can parse Javascript, but Coffeescript would be ideal.

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It seems like overkill to me to test this, but you could do something like this:

describe "SI.PaginatedCollection", ->

  beforeEach ->
    @collection = new SI.PaginatedCollection()

  it "is a subclass of Backbone.Collection", ->
    expect(@collection instanceof Backbone.Collection).toBeTruthy()

If you’re going to be checking instanceof a lot and/or you care about descriptive Jasmine output, it would be worth making a custom matcher so you could write this:

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In Jasmine 2.0 you can use jasmine.any() matcher. E.g:

collection = new SI.PaginatedCollection();


as mentioned in this blogpost

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Way more convenient than creating a custom matcher. Somewhat confusing API though. – backdesk Feb 10 '15 at 14:05

There is not proper way to get the super reference, nor in JavaScript neither in Backbone, even using the __super__ Backbone method is not advisable by the documentation.

I think the cleanest approach is manually brand your subclasses with a pseudo-static attribute like:

var SI.PaginatedCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
  parent: "Backbone.Collection"

Any time you need to check an instance is from an specific parent just check the myInstance.parent.

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I use CoffeeScript. I do that by: class SI.Collections.Sentences extends SI.PaginatedCollection and it works well. – nothing-special-here May 29 '12 at 16:51

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