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I'm trying to use the GWT grid component in uibinder. It works fine until I want to set the width of the columns. The following is what I've tried to do but it doesn't seem to work.

        <g:Grid width="100%">
            <g:customCell width="20%">
                <g:FlowPanel width="">
            <g:customCell width="80%">
                <g:FlowPanel width="">
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Only styleName is taken into account on g:row, g:cell and g:customCell elements.

If you can (i.e. if your grid content is mostly static), avoid using Grid and prefer an HTMLPanel containing an HTML <table>, this gives you much more flexibility.

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You can write some java code in order to do that, example:

    grid.getColumnFormatter().setWidth(0, "10%");
    grid.getColumnFormatter().setWidth(1, "10%");
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