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jsr-310 has a handy class DateTimeFormatters which allows you to construct a DateTimeFormatter. I particularly like the pattern(String) method - see javadoc

However, I hit a problem whereby this is case sensitive -- e.g.


matches with "01-Jan-2012", but not with "01-JAN-2012" or "01-jan-2012".

One approach would be to break the string down and parse components, or another would be to use Regex to replace the case-insensitive strings with the case-sensitive string.

But it feels like there ought to be an easier way...

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And there is... according to the User Guide (offline, see JavaDoc instead), you should use DateTimeFormatterBuilder to build a complex DateTimeFormatter


DateTimeFormatterBuilder builder = new DateTimeFormatterBuilder();
DateTimeFormatter dateFormat = builder.toFormatter();
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Slightly neater third line: builder.appendPattern("dd-MMM-yyyy"); – JodaStephen Jun 25 '12 at 14:43
@JodaStephen More easy to read certainly. – borjab Apr 7 at 14:38

This alternative is usefull for initializating static variables:

DateTimeFormatter myFormatter = new DateTimeFormatterBuilder()
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Seems to duplicate the accepted Answer from a couple years earlier – Basil Bourque Apr 7 at 13:28

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