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I'm trying to position a twitter-bootstrap popover for a trigger that sits on the far top-right corner of a 960px wide web page. Ideally, I'd position it on the bottom and move the arrow with CSS (so the arrow is on the top-right of the popover).

Unfortunately the 'placement':'bottom' positioning is not enough, since it will center it below the trigger.

I'm looking for solution that will place the popover statically below and on the left of the trigger. I read tons of questions but couldn't find any.


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It would be helpful to better clarify your question with example code and perhaps an image the represents how you'd like the popover to position relative to the trigger. –  Josh Metcalfe Jun 1 '12 at 19:34
I'm also looking for better control of the popover element. Have not found anything yet. –  Dustin Graham Jun 6 '12 at 19:17

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This works. Tested.

.popover {
    top: 71px !important;
    left: 379px !important;
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thanks, !important actually overwrites the inline styles. –  koichirose Oct 1 '12 at 15:43
This is not the solution 'cause there could be plenty of popovers on a page. –  Rootical V. May 2 '13 at 10:34
Then all you need to do is change your selector –  rboarman Aug 12 '13 at 19:43

I've created a jQuery plugin that provides 4 additonal placements: topLeft, topRight, bottomLeft, bottomRight

You just include either the minified js or unminified js and have the matching css (minified vs unminified) in the same folder.


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You plugin destroys for MVVM libs like knockout because it detaches the element from tbe body –  Anders May 8 '13 at 20:58
It worked very well. Thanks! –  Sanghyun Park Feb 20 at 5:17
@Pantera61 : What part of the code should I hack to detect collision between 2 popovers? i.e. when 2 nearby popovers are partially overlapping, I want to change their placement dynamically to be away from each other. –  buffer May 28 at 9:24

I solved this (partially) by adding some lines of code to the bootstrap css library. You will have to modify tooltip.js, tooltip.less, popover.js, and popover.less

in tooltip.js, add this case in the switch statement there

case 'bottom-right':
          tp = {top: pos.top + pos.height, left: pos.left + pos.width}

in tooltip.less, add these two lines in .tooltip{}

&.bottom-right { margin-top:   -2px; }
&.bottom-right .tooltip-arrow { #popoverArrow > .bottom(); }

do the same in popover.js and popover.less. Basically, wherever you find code where other positions are mentioned, add your desired position accordingly.

As I mentioned earlier, this solved the problem partially. My problem now is that the little arrow of the popover does not appear.

note: if you want to have the popover in top-left, use top attribute of '.top' and left attribute of '.left'

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I had to make the following changes for the popover to position below with some overlap and to show the arrow correctly.


case 'bottom-right':  
    tp = {top: pos.top + pos.height + 10, left: pos.left + pos.width - 40}  


    .popover.bottom-right .arrow {  
      left: 20px; /* MODIFIED */  
      margin-left: -11px;  
      border-top-width: 0;  
      border-bottom-color: #999;  
      border-bottom-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25);  
      top: -11px;  
    .popover.bottom-right .arrow:after {  
      top: 1px;  
      margin-left: -10px;  
      border-top-width: 0;  
      border-bottom-color: #ffffff;  

This can be extended for arrow locations elsewhere .. enjoy!

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The arrow is so small - barely noticeable. How can I make it bigger? –  Michael R. Hines Mar 2 at 15:22

To bootstrap 3.0.0:

.popover{ right:0!important; }

And modify too

.popover { max-width:WWWpx!important; } 

where WWW is your correct max-width to show your popover content.

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