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For the following documents (let's assume a single field in every doc):
1 - A B C D
2 - A B
3 - C D A B

(A-D are distinct terms)

I would like to create a query "A B" that only matches documents 1 and 2. I know I can insert a special "beginning of field" token to help me out, but I prefer to avoid that (requires re-indexing all the data, and is also a bit ugly).

How can that be achieved?

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Figured it out. The trick is to combine a SpanNearQuery with a SpanFirstQuery.

  SpanNearQuery spanNearQuery = new SpanNearQuery(new[] { new SpanTermQuery(new Term(field, "A")), new SpanTermQuery(new Term(field,"B")) },0, true);
  SpanFirstQuery spanFirstQuery = new SpanFirstQuery(spanNearQuery, 2);
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