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How can I use the system command where the command is written in a QString?


QString command="chmod -R 777 /opt/QT/examples/code/TestGUI/Data";    

While compiling, I get this error:

cannot convert ‘QString’ to ‘const char*’
  for argument ‘1’ to ‘int system(const char*)’

Can anyone suggest something?

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6 Answers

QProcess class http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qprocess.html. It's what you need.

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Use the qPrintable() macro


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Hey, thanks! I didn't know about qPrintable. One learns something every day. –  Kuba Ober May 31 '12 at 20:04
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You need get the raw character array from the QString. Here is one way:

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Ankur Gupta wrote, use QProcess static function (link to description):

int QProcess::execute ( const QString & program )

In your situation:

QProcess::execute ("chmod -R 777 /opt/QT/examples/code/TestGUI/Data");
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To change permission you could use setPermissions of QFile

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you can convert QString to const char*.

if your string is in UTF8, then you can use:

const char* my_command = command.toUtf8().constData() ;

else if your string is not in UTF8, then you can use:

command.toLatin1().constData() ;

in this case second one is what you want.

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