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I want to store Facebook educations of a user in Neo4j, so that i can query on any attribute combinations.

Currently Fields I want to save of Facebook education field,name,education&access_token=.....

education": [   
{"school": {"id":2 "","name": "A"}, 
 "degree": {"id":3 "","name": "B"},
 "year":   {"id":4 "","name": "C"}, 
 "type": "X",

In MySQL I will create an education table with following table user_id, school_id,degree_id,year_id,type

Not sure whats the best way to store it in Neo4j.
1. possible solution is
Node User --------->(edu relationship) ---> Node school

degree,year,type are relationship attributes.

Not sure it will be be fast if we traverse users on type and degree attributes.

Is there any other or better way?

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whats wrong with questions? –  mtariq May 30 '12 at 12:14

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The Education Details returned by Facebook are not always in a strict format and some information or indeed the facebook_ids for those object could be missing. You should store the entire Education array straight in the database in a single field.

Use code to then display the data you want, accounting for missing fields etc.

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If you want to query every field then you should explode it as much as possible in the graph IMHO.

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