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The question may sound a little odd but I'm currently in a project where this could help solving many problems. Is it somehow possible to embed an .exe into any web browser? I don't want to run the program directly in the browser (would be major security risk I guess), I just want the window of the .exe being embeded into a browser page. So the .exe is running locally on the system but instead of a "windows window" I have it displayed in the web browser. Think of it like VNC, I only need my "video" and the possiblity of user interaction (the program is an interactive 3D visualization).

I don't have much hope for this being possible so I'm also glad about any suggestion that would allow me to display web pages while my program is running in the same (fullscreen) window. Doesn't necessarily has to be a "real" browser but should allow basic stuff like HTML, CSS etc.

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Another question on SO involving an "exe game" (really executables, in general) should provide some answers for you. – Zairja May 29 '12 at 13:27
Thanks that is very helpful! :) I wonder why the search didn't gave me that question. – Professor Sparkles May 30 '12 at 14:49

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