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I'm dealing with the following problem.

I have a servelt (with doPost and doGet overrided) and an applet with the following code:

        String urlStr="blabla";
        URLConnection conn = StartConnection("http","localhost",8084,urlStr);            
        InputObject obj = GetInputObject();
        ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream(conn.getOutputStream());

With this piece of code servlet doesn't do any action (doPost or doGet). But if I add

        BufferedReader in=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(conn.getInputStream()));
        String result = in.readLine();

I get into doPost body. Googling gives nothing. Why do I have to read back responce, even if I don't need it?


private URLConnection StartConnection(String protocol,String host,int port, String urlStr){
        URLConnection conn = null;
            URL currentPage=getCodeBase();
            URL dataURL=new URL(protocol,host,port,urlStr);
            conn = dataURL.openConnection();            
        catch(Exception ee){
        return conn;

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We don't see the source for StartConnection() apparently it just returns a unconnected URLConnection. Just creating this object doesn't talk to the network at all; this only happens when connect() is called. Reading from the input stream implicitly calls connect(), so that's why this works for you. You can just call connect(), though; you don't actually have to read any data you don't want.

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If you want to send a serialized instance of your applet class to your servlet, then you have to make a HTTP call like a browser. You should use POST method and send the serialized bytes as a POST parameter. The best library for such stuff is Apache HttpClient. Here is a tutorial.

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