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I have a web service which takes almost 5 minutes to run. What I observed is my axis2 version 1.4 client doesnt wait for that much time and returns back. Thus my web service throws Broken Pipe.

I have set all below Options for timeout to 10 minutes.

HttpFactory.PARAMETER_THREAD_KEEP_ALIVE_TIME ==> new Integer(600000)
options.setTimeOutInMilliSeconds(new Integer(600000));
HTTPConstants.SO_TIMEOUT ==> new Integer(600000)
HTTPConstants.CONNECTION_TIMEOUT ==> new Integer(600000)
JMSConstants.JMS_WAIT_REPLY ==> new Integer(600000)
HttpFactory.PARAMETER_REQUEST_SOCKET_TIMEOUT ==> new Integer(600000)

I have also set similar configuration in axis2.xml

<parameter name="SO_TIMEOUT">600000</parameter>
<parameter name="CONNECTION_TIMEOUT">600000</parameter>

But None of these looks to be working. Can anybody suggest any missing configuration.

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