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I just got interested in msil opcode etc. Normally I'm programming in C# and tried to generate Methods dynamically with Reflection.Emit / MethodBuilder but this requires opcode.

So I was intrested if it's possible to generate Methods dynamically with parsing C# to msil and using this in the Method Builder?

So is it possible to generate methods dynamically at runtime by using reflection and C# code ?

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Yes it's possible. See CodeDom, Expression Trees, etc. –  dolan May 29 '12 at 13:15

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You could take a look at expression trees, CodeDom, CSharpCodeProvider etc.

using System.CodeDom.Compiler;
using Microsoft.CSharp;

// ...

string source = @"public static class C
                      public static void M(int i)
                          System.Console.WriteLine(""The answer is "" + i);

Action<int> action;
using (var provider = new CSharpCodeProvider())
    var options = new CompilerParameters { GenerateInMemory = true };
    var results = provider.CompileAssemblyFromSource(options, source);
    var method = results.CompiledAssembly.GetType("C").GetMethod("M");
    action = (Action<int>)Delegate.CreateDelegate(typeof(Action<int>), method);
action(42);    // displays "The answer is 42"
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Downvoter: please explain why? –  LukeH May 29 '12 at 13:42

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