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With ZF1 there was a bootstrap file defined under application/Bootstrap.php but I can't find it when looking at the ZF2 skeleton application.

What is the ZF2's equivalent to the ZF1 Bootstrap.php file?

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I've not played with ZF2 yet, but you may want to checkout the event manager (again, just a guess on my part). – Tim Lytle May 29 '12 at 14:11
@doydoy44, the new tag name is inappropriate and un-needed. Questions about ZF1 and ZF2 should have both tags. – Charles Apr 21 '14 at 21:41
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In ZF2, there is no individual Bootstrap file as there was in ZF1. You can however, add an onBootstrap() method to any of your Module classes so it will be called after once $application->bootstrap() is called.

On github in the ZF2 Skeleton App, the file you would add an onBootstrap() method to is located at module/Application/Module.php.

Here is some relevant documentation on Bootstrapping from the ZF2 user guide (note: any of this material is subject to change).

The MVC Bootstrap Event
Bootstrapping an Application
Bootstapping (in relation to MVC)
Sample usage of the MVC Bootstrap Event

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From Gary Hockin's nice article about bootstrapping and other changes in ZF2:

There is no application level bootrapping in Zend Framework 2, each module is responsible for bootstrapping it's own resources in it's Module.php. This is done using a combination of the onBootstrap method of the module class, and the Event Manager. Realistically, most bootstrapping is no longer needed; it's been replaced by entries in the Service Manager and event hooks, but as an example, here is how you can perform module level bootstrapping by using the onBootstrap method of Module.php:

public function onBootstrap(\Zend\Mvc\Event $e)
    $myService = $e->getApplication()->getServiceLocator()->get('my-service');
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