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I Have already completed the bluetooth CHAT Example on android developer, now i am designing a game and need to transfer the coordinates between the devices. I am using cocos2d and now how to send the data via bluetooth on other device. i need to apply the bluetooth chat application in this game but how? i cant understand how to achieve it. Any Suggestions greatly appreciated ...please ask any questions if u dont get what i am trying to ask...

    public boolean ccTouchesEnded(MotionEvent event)
    boolean get=false;
    //int y=0;
    // Choose one of the touches to work with
    return get;}
    else if(y==1)
        return get;
    return get;

public boolean shootme(CGPoint loc){

    // Set up initial location of projectile
    CGSize winSize = CCDirector.sharedDirector().displaySize();
    CCSprite projectile = CCSprite.sprite("ah2.png");

    CCSprite player2 = CCSprite.sprite("Ply2.png");
    player2.setPosition(CGPoint.ccp(winSize.width / 2.0f,320));

 // Determine offset of location to projectile
    int offX = (int)(loc.x - projectile.getPosition().x);
    int offY = (int)(loc.y - projectile.getPosition().y);
    if (offX >= 0)
        return true;
    if (offY <= -7)
        return true;

    // Determine where we wish to shoot the projectile to
    int realX = (int)(-(winSize.width + (projectile.getContentSize().width / 2.0f)));
    float ratio = (float)offY / (float)offX;
    int realY = (int)((realX * ratio) + projectile.getPosition().y);
    CGPoint realDest = CGPoint.ccp(realX, realY);

 // Determine the length of how far we're shooting
    int offRealX = (int)(realX - projectile.getPosition().x);
    int offRealY = (int)(realY - projectile.getPosition().y);
    float length = (float)Math.sqrt((offRealX * offRealX) + (offRealY * offRealY));
    float velocity = 680.0f / 1.0f; // 480 pixels / 1 sec
    float realMoveDuration = length / velocity;

 // Move projectile to actual endpoint
            CCMoveTo.action(realMoveDuration, realDest),
            CCCallFuncN.action(this, "spriteMoveFinished")));
    Context context = CCDirector.sharedDirector().getActivity();
    return true;


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