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I am developering in iOS 5.1 and is pretty happy with these methods in UISplitViewControllerDelegate


however, now I notice that these two methods will be only called when the device is rotating and thus the orientation changes. What I am trying to do is to segue(replace segue) my detail view controller to another one. In the new detail view controller, I will always hide the master view controller even in landscape and therefore I need the button.

Without the delegate being called of these two methods, how can I get the button?

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If you are hiding your master view controller even in landscape (by means of split view controller delegate), the splitViewController:willHideViewController:withBarButtonItem:forPopoverController: will be called, so you can safely put your code there.

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this code is there , it gets called everytime but the menu button disappears in portrait mode on changing the viewcontroller – cancerian Sep 26 '12 at 4:36

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