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All new browsers & mobile browsers make additional request to favicon.ico while loading page?

And from what version of Internet Explorer/Firefox, this browsers start to request favicon.ico?

They do it only on first page load or on every page load?

When request to favicon.ico take place: a) while page loading b) after page loaded c) before loading page ?

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  1. All major browser support favicon.ico. You could use a link tag for the best results:

    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />

  2. It started with IE5. Firefox was not released for about 5 years afterward, but version 1.0 supported favicon.ico also.

  3. The request order of favicon.ico can be specified by using the <link> tag. You can verify the order of the request by using Firebug in Firefox or the Web Inspector in Safari or Chrome.

More information on Wikipedia: Favicon

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