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I'm new in php I have a json I decoded it and wrote the following

$jsonInput = '[{"b_pag_bo_id":"31","b_pag_user_id":"1","b_pag_id":"1","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"3","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"31","b_pag_user_id":"1","b_pag_id":"2","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"57","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"31","b_pag_user_id":"1","b_pag_id":"3","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"60","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"32","b_pag_user_id":"1","b_pag_id":"4","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"4","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"32","b_pag_user_id":"1","b_pag_id":"5","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"6","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"32","b_pag_user_id":"1","b_pag_id":"6","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"9","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"32","b_pag_user_id":"1","b_pag_id":"7","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"183","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"32","b_pag_user_id":"1","b_pag_id":"8","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"324","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"32","b_pag_user_id":"1","b_pag_id":"9","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"331","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"32","b_pag_user_id":"1","b_pag_id":"10","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"710","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"34","b_pag_user_id":"0","b_pag_id":"11","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"50","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"34","b_pag_user_id":"0","b_pag_id":"12","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"99","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"26","b_pag_user_id":"0","b_pag_id":"13","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"5","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"},{"b_pag_bo_id":"26","b_pag_user_id":"0","b_pag_id":"14","b_page_mark":"1","b_pag_num":"7","b_pag_note":"","b_page_stop":"1"}]';

$decoded = json_decode($jsonInput, true);


and the result is in the link here

I want to get each value of each key meaning I want all b_pag_bo_id & others in a separate variables. How do I do that?

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Any reason you prefer separate variables over one big array? – Salman A May 29 '12 at 13:50
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You can print values similar to this:

foreach ($decoded as $key => $value) {
    echo $value['b_pag_bo_id'];
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thanks for your answer but it gives me the values without separators, how can I separate them by spaces for example? – Emy Alsabbagh May 29 '12 at 13:59
echo $value['b_pag_bo_id'] . ", "; that 'll add comma separator. – Dev May 29 '12 at 14:03
ok thank you so much :) – Emy Alsabbagh May 29 '12 at 14:06
Can I ask how can I get just b_pag_user_id of the last element ??? – Emy Alsabbagh May 30 '12 at 10:44
$last_item = array_pop($decoded); echo $last_item['b_pag_bo_id']; – Dev May 30 '12 at 11:36

Use a foreach loop on your result and store the data in individual variables.

foreach ( $decoded AS $key => $val ) {
  ${'var'.$key} = $val;
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this gives me a blank :S – Emy Alsabbagh May 29 '12 at 13:58

you need to loop though array:

$b_pag_bo_id = array();
$b_pag_user_id = array();
foreach ($decoded as $item) {
   $b_pag_bo_id[] = $item['b_pag_bo_id'];
   $b_pag_user_id[] = $item['b_pag_user_id'];
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thanks for your answer but how can I print them here ?? – Emy Alsabbagh May 29 '12 at 13:59
You said that you want it in variable. If you want to print it you can use this echo implode(', ', $b_pag_bo_id); or echo json_encode($b_pag_bo_id) – jcubic May 29 '12 at 14:46
ok thanks so much – Emy Alsabbagh May 29 '12 at 14:53

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