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I do WinForms and Web development in Visual Studio 2010. The web developers use a tab size of four spaces, and the WinForms developers use a tab size of two.

Since I switch backwards and forwards between the two, I was wondering if there's a quick way to do it, without having to navigate the options every single time?

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There's not a dedicated shortcut, but let's make one!

Simply hit Alt+F11 to bring up the Macros editor and add the following code to a new module:

Imports System
Imports EnvDTE
Imports EnvDTE80
Imports EnvDTE90
Imports EnvDTE90a
Imports EnvDTE100
Imports System.Diagnostics

Public Module Tabspaces
    Sub TwoTabSpaces()
        Dim tabs As Properties

        tabs = DTE.Properties("TextEditor", "AllLanguages")
        tabs.Item("TabSize").Value = 2
        tabs.Item("IndentSize").Value = 2

    End Sub

    Sub FourTabSpaces()
        Dim tabs As Properties

        tabs = DTE.Properties("TextEditor", "AllLanguages")
        tabs.Item("TabSize").Value = 4
        tabs.Item("IndentSize").Value = 4

    End Sub

End Module

Then save your macros and bring up the Options window from the Tools menu and choose Environment->Keyboard:

assigning macros

Here, you can search for commands containing 'macros' and you should see your TwoTabSpaces() and FourTabSpaces() listed.
You can now assign a keyboard shortcut to these macros. In the picture above, I've chosen Alt+T, Alt+2 and Alt+T, Alt+4 respectively (t=Tabs, 2=two spaces etc.)

You can customize them as you wish, of course.

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Perfect. Thank you! –  Stephen Oberauer May 29 '12 at 14:27

I thought I'd share my personal macro that does a toggle based on language. You can set up keyboard shortcuts like suggested in Widor's answer.

Public Sub ToggleSpaces()
  If DTE.ActiveDocument.Language = "Basic" Then
    Dim textEditorSettings = DTE.Properties("TextEditor", "Basic")

    Dim currentSize = CShort(textEditorSettings.Item("TabSize").Value)

    'If at 2, use 4... else switch to 2
    Dim newSpaces As Short = If(currentSize = 2, 4, 2)    

    textEditorSettings.Item("TabSize").Value = newSpaces
    textEditorSettings.Item("IndentSize").Value = newSpaces
  End If
End Sub

My macro was adapted from James Alexander's macro to "Toggle Between Leading Tabs or Spaces Per Project" found in the following StackOverflow question.

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