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I am using Google Charts to display some statistics. I'm using column chart. Each column has a label, which is a very long string. This label is displayed as x-axis label and also when I hover over the data column. What I would like to do is to keep this long label displayed when hovering over the column but display just ID on the x-axis. For instance:

ID | Name            | Value
1  | Some long label | 3.0

I want the "ID" as x-axis label and "Name" to be displayed when hovering over the data column. "Value" is the actual data. Is it possible to do this? I wasn't able to find this in the Charts documentation.

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I think you can use DataTable roles and in your case the tooltip role that is supported but the column chart.

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Thanks a lot, that helped! –  damirah Jun 22 '12 at 13:01

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