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in facebook sharer page, it can show title including & mark ex:

url to share:

title tag of this page is


But, actually, facebook sharer page shows title: hi link:

I call the API like below. "" + encodeURIComponent(location.href) + "&t=" + encodeURIComponent(document.title) and I tried to use Open graph meta tag(og:title, og:url), but it does not help.

I checked my url in facebook developer's debug site( but in debug site, it printed right title and link (including ampersand sign)


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You need to make sure your ampersand is encoded in your original url, otherwise it acts as a delimiter between variables.

Assuming your app echoes the value in the q query string as its title, a url like you show: returns two variables: 'q' = 'hi' and 'there' = 1.

Your URL should have the literal & encoded: to return 'q' = 'hi&there'.

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You can use php encode any url string like

<? echo urlencode(""); ?>
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