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I am trying to get a select list with values from $staff The bit i am struggling is selecting the staff that are already enrolled from $entry->enrolments.

If the $staff id exists in $entry->enrolments select it in the select list

$entry = Record from mysql

$staff = list of staff in an array.

$entry->enrolments = comma seperated values of enrolled staff

<select name="tutor[]" id="tutor" multiple="multiple" size="5" class="required" title="Select Staff">

    $entry = get_record("staff_development", "id", $id);
    $staff = get_records("user", "deleted", "0", "lastname ASC", "id,firstname,lastname,idnumber");
    $people = explode(",", $entry->enrolments);

    foreach($staff as $tutor){
    foreach($people as $person){

    if($tutor->id>1)echo '<option value="'.$tutor->id.'"';
    if ($person==$tutor->id) {echo 'selected="selected"';}
    echo '>'.$tutor->lastname.' '.$tutor->firstname.'</option>';


Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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What exactly is the problem? –  jeroen May 29 '12 at 14:40
try producing more output after 1st foreach –  Phoenix May 29 '12 at 14:41

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in_array is the easiest way to tell if a value is in an array :) Replace your loops with this:

foreach($staff as $tutor){
    echo '<option value="'.$tutor->id.'"';
    if(in_array($tutor->id, $people))
        echo 'selected="selected"';
    echo '>'.$tutor->lastname.' '.$tutor->firstname.'</option>';

You might also want to rename your variable from people to enrolled_staff or something a bit more clear.

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Your if block is confusing. You are checking for $tutor->id > 1 when opening the option tag, but aren't when closing it. PaulP.R.O mentions in_array which you should replace your foreach loops with. Here is your if block cleaned up and set the check for selection inline.

if($tutor->id > 1) {
    echo '<option value="'.$tutor->id.'" ' . (($person==$tutor->id) ? ' selected="selected"': '') . '>';
    echo $tutor->lastname.' '.$tutor->firstname;
    echo '</option>';
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