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Apple has created that famous Reachability class but looking at the code I don't trust it much. The formatting and header is messy.

Also it provides no help for showing that "You have no internet!" alert.

I just want to do:

  • At some point download a XML.

  • When there is no internet, show alert.

  • When internet disconnects while downloading the XML, show alert.

In my app the user taps no download button it all happens automatically in the background.

That's it. Really. I spent now 3 hours with Reachability my brain just rejects it.

Did someone create a clever alternative with a clean header and clean code? Something that is really simple to use?

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I've found one on GitHub:

Note: First find != necessarily best find.

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Maybe its too late to respond, but following answer can help someone looking for solution to same problem, as I answered here.

Easiest way to detect a connection on iOS?

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It's never too late. We find these questions on Google years later ;) –  Yar Feb 24 '14 at 16:55

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