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I have a layer with a lot of Symbols, and I would like to hide and show that entire layer with all his elements.

to hide I do it with myLayer.remove(); but to show it there is no methods...
On their tutorial they say project.activeLayer.addChild(myObject); but it doesn't seem to work with a layer. (http://paperjs.org/tutorials/project-items/project-hierarchy/)

If someone can help me or tell me if I need to do it differently ?

Thank you very much.

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When you call Layer.remove(), that Layer instance is removed from the project.layers array. To re-show the removed layer (and any objects in it), push it back onto project.layers.

var blueSquare = Path.Rectangle(new Point(0, 0), new Size (50, 50));
blueSquare.fillColor = 'blue';

var newLayer = new Layer();
newLayer.activate();    // so that redCircle will be added to newLayer
var redCircle = Path.Circle(new Point(100, 100), 50);
redCircle.fillColor = 'red';

newLayer.remove();      // this prevents the redCircle from being drawn
project.layers.push(newLayer);  // now the redCircle is back

Alternatively, instead of newLayer.remove(); you can use newLayer.visible = false; or newLayer.opacity = 0; so that the newLayer is never actually removed from the project.layers array, although with those approaches selected Items still show wireframes even if the actual Items cannot be seen.

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Thank you very much for your help. I used the opacity = 0 method, cause that layer was below the others so it didn't bother. –  Shadowbob Jul 19 '12 at 4:37

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