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so I'm having a very easy to solve ( I think) problem. I'm making some mini-games, lets say I have game 1, game2, game3. I can start game1 then after it's done I can start the game from the beginning. The problem is that when I start the game again when I do game1=new Game1(); it doesn't start from 0, some objects are already asigned to game1 so I obviously get errors.

To clarify a little bit more: User chooses: Game1,Game2,Game3 --> He chooses Game1 --> CreateGame1(); --> game1=new Game1(); User finishes the game and chooses to enter the game again: CreateGame1() --> game1=new Game1(); here is where the problem is. game1 is defined at the beginning of my class as Game1 game1;

Is there any easy way to solve this or should I remove every item manually? Thanks in advance!

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Can you paste some of your code? It does sound like you have a static property somewhere. – Darren Davies May 29 '12 at 15:29
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I think that you have some static properties whose values are not reset when a new object is created. I do not see other reason for this issue. Anyway, it's difficult to answer the question precisely since you did not post your code.

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Thanks for the quick response, yes I believe that was the problem. What can I do with Events? I have a few actions that need to be static, so would that be a problem? – waclock May 29 '12 at 15:35
I think that you can reset your static property values in the constructor. BUT, if you need to reset them, you should definitely be sure that they need to be static. – platon May 29 '12 at 15:39

Are you using static fields in the Game class?

When you create a new instance of a class, all non-static fields are initialized. But static fields are not per-instance, so they keep their value.

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If you're using static fields, remember that these are "class level" and don't get "reset" upon a new instance being created.

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I think im misunderstanding, because creating a new instance should clear anything that isnt per-defined or in the constructor or static

If im missing the point then try looking into iDisposable

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