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I am writing a simple video player (for commercial use) using ffmpeg libraries on Android. To avoid Licensing/patent issues I am not enabling --enable-gpl & --enable-nonfree options in my config file and I'm not enabling the patentable codecs like --enable-libx264 and enabling only free codecs like --enable-libopenjpeg.

Now my questions are
1. Does the user need to install the codecs (that are already configured by my ffmpeg build eg: OpenJPEG) on the device again or does my player automatically installs the codecs?
2. If the user downloads another codec (that was not configured by my ffmpeg build eg: H264) then can he/she play those videos using my player or do I need to build my player again?

Whats the best option to support any codec that is dynamically installed by the user on the device?

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