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Is there a shorter way of checking if a object is part of a certain set of classes?

Using instanceof makes the IF statement too long: if($obj instanceof \Class1 || $obj instanceof \Class2 || $obj instanceof \Class3....)

And this doesn't work: instance of \Class1 || \Class2 || \Class3

it assumes that Class2 is constant..

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Do these classes have something in common? Perhaps they are all implementing the same interface, and you can check if your $obj implements that interface instead? –  ziad-saab May 29 '12 at 16:00

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In short: No

The longer answer: You can create workarounds, that use get_parent_class() recursive to fetch all parent classes and then use array_intersect() to find out, if one or more of your class names appears there. However, it seems, that they classes should have something in common. Put this into an interface an test against this.

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I think, the shortest way is to put the Boolean expression in a external method and call it into the IF statement.

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makes the IF statement too long


Is there a shorter way


Simply create a function:

function isOfValidClass($obj)
    $classNames = array('Class1', 'Class2');
    foreach ($classNames as $className) {
        if (is_a($obj, $className)) {
        return true;

    return false;

Then you can use that in your code and not have to worry about your if statement "taking up too much room" (not that you should ever consider that an issue; statements should be as long as they need to).

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