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I have one tabGroupActivity. in this tabGroupActivity I start a new activity called "pideInformacion", in this way:

Intent intent = new Intent(getParent(), pideInformacion.class);
TabGroupActivity parentActivity = (TabGroupActivity)getParent();
parentActivity.startChildActivity("pideInformacion", intent);

Then, from pideInformacion class the app open a new activity called verMapaGps:

Intent intent = new Intent(this, verMapaGps.class);
TabGroupActivity parentActivity = (TabGroupActivity)getParent();
parentActivity.startChildActivity("verMapaGps", intent);

I would like that in verMapaGps set string value in order to return to pideInformacion class.

I see this way to access to parent activity, but I don't know how can I access to parent activity values to set it.

Activity pideInfoActivity = (pideInformacion) getParent();

I can't be able to use startActivityForResult because If I use this method, the tabhost hides and I want to tabbar is show in whole application.

Thanks in advance!

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Try to make the string as a static variable and use it in the parent activity.

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