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There is part of ant script with junit task:


<target name="test">
  <mkdir dir="path_to_report_dir">
  <junit fork="true" printsummary="true" showoutput="true" maxmemory="1024M">
    <classpath ... />
    <batchtest todir="path_to_report_dir">
        <formatter type="xml" />
        <fileset ... />


This script works from Eclipse and from command line. But it doesn't work in TeamCity. The last informative message in TeamCity is: [mkdir] Created dir: path_to_report_dir Process exit code: 0

It looks like junit task doesn't work and also it stops performting aff all script. Where is trouble in?

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Could you supply a build log? Is there any error thrown? My immediate suspicion is that the junit jar is missing on the TeamCity build machine –  Mark O'Connor May 29 '12 at 17:58
Last messages of build log is: [mkdir] Created dir: path_to_report_dir; Process exit code: 0. So there is no any errors. –  Victor May 29 '12 at 18:17
The "[mkdir]" prefix on the message would indicate the problem is with the mkdir ANT task and not junit.... Possible OS issue, creating the directory? –  Mark O'Connor May 29 '12 at 18:40

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The cause was in <fileset> file list. The TeamCity version of Ant doesn't work with strings like "/test/" (this mean select all files recursively); it only works with strings like "**/test/*.class". The local version of Ant supports both variants.


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Don't know if this helps.... but here's my standard test target:

<target name="test" depends="compile-tests">
    <junit printsummary="yes" haltonfailure="yes">
            <path refid="test.path"/>
            <pathelement path="${classes.dir}"/>
            <pathelement path="${test.classes.dir}"/>
        <formatter type="xml"/>
        <batchtest fork="yes" todir="${test.reports.dir}">
            <fileset dir="${test.src.dir}">
                <include name="**/*Test*.java"/>
                <exclude name="**/AllTests.java"/>

Build output:

    [junit] Running org.demo.AppTest
    [junit] Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 0.056 sec


  • Using Junit 4.10.
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